Mom of the Month: August 2021

Welcome back to our monthly #MEETTHEMAMAS series where we feature our MAMAS here at FIT4MOM Folsom Lake.

This month let's meet Gabi Iannarelli! This lovely Mama of 2 has graced us with her presence for the last few years and has dabbled in all our classes. Gabi has been a devoted member of both Run Club and Body Well and joined FIT4Baby when she was pregnant with her now 2 year old Charlotte.

This Mama always shows up ready to put in some serious work. She is open, caring, real and is always ready to sweat with a smile while making other Mama friends. We always appreciate her presence and love her can do attitude whether its burpees or training in Run Club. She is motivating and hard working at all times. Let's get to know Gabi a little better:

1. Hometown? Fair Oaks, CA

2. Who is in your family? Joseph (husband), Ashton (4), & Charlotte (2)

3. Current or previous career? Marketing Director for a local tech company

4. Childhood dream/ambition? To own a hair salon or be a CEO

5.What does motherhood mean to you? Everything! For me, it's about slowing down and seeing the world through my kids' eyes. I love watching them grow and learn new things. Also, the snuggles and unconditional love are the best!

6. What is the furthest you have been away from home? Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

7.How did you find FIT4MOM? Facebook post in a Folsom mom's group

8. How has it impacted your life? I started F4M when my oldest was 5 months old and it has literally been a lifesaver for me, especially while I was out on maternity leave with my youngest and struggling with PPD. Attending classes was a reason to get out of the house each day. I love the community and the friendships created.

9.Favorite exercise? Running or butterfly situps

10. Proudest Moment? Becoming a mom

11. Something about yourself that would surprise us? When I was 18 I bought a classic motorcycle (1967 Honda sportbike) and rebuilt the engine. I only rode it a couple of times and haven't ridden a motorcycle since (and have no plans to!)