Mom of the Month: October 2021

Welcome back to our monthly #MEETTHEMAMAS series where we feature one of our own Village VIP's here at FIT4MOM Folsom Lake.

This month we are featuring Elaine Camburn! This amazing Mama of 2 littles always brings her joyful glow to classes and we are so glad she found us when she moved to Folsom! While she initially found her stride attending our various Stroller classes, Elaine has recently joined and exceled in our Run Club program this past summer. We all adore her cheerful vibe, her hard work and athleticism and her sweet, kind personality. This Mama is always ready to bring her littles to field trips or playgroups ready to get outside and connect with others. Let's get to know this lovely Mama a little more:

1. Hometown? Danville, CA

2. Who is in your family? Our family includes my husband, Matt, son Dominic (4) and daughter Claire (20 months)

3. Current or previous career? Healthcare sales and marketing, largely focused on physician relationship networking for hospitals.

4. Childhood dream/ambition? I wanted to be an interior or fashion designer when I grew up and spent many years drawing dresses and saving my mom's design magazines.

5.What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood means being entrusted with the bodies and souls of your children. We are given the gift of knowing our little people better than anyone in the world, being their safe place, and shepherding their hearts to know who God created them to be. Motherhood is also a team sport. We are meant to live motherhood out in community with one another, and FIT4MOM is such a great example of this!

6. What is the furthest you have been away from home? Paris, France

7.How did you find FIT4MOM? The wonderful and fabulous Bethany Wilkes invited me to join her class when we moved to Folsom last year.

8. How has it impacted your life? Joining FIT4MOM has honestly been the BEST thing I have done since moving to Folsom! I am SO thankful for the classes, the instructors and the village. The classes are awesome, and my body feels so much more energized as a result. As a new person to the community it felt like I had a place to belong right away, which was such a gift!

9.Favorite exercise? Running is my current favorite - thank you Run Club! I also love lunges and squats too.

10. Proudest Moment? Seeing my son walk out of his preschool with a huge smile when he was feeling shy at the morning dropoff. Also bringing my daughter home from the NICU after being there for her first month, making us a family of four felt so good!

11. Something about yourself that would surprise us? I love painting rooms. Whenever I have a painting project at home I end up painting all night because I will get so engrossed in the project that I can't stop!