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MOM of the Month: September 2018

Welcome back to our monthly #MEETTHEMAMAS series where we feature our MAMAS here at FIT4MOM Folsom Lake. Today, let's meet our SEPTEMBER MOM: Mom Of the Month (MOM) - a mama who embodies all that is FIT4MOM: Strong, Kind and Beautiful, inside and out.

Megan Annis is our September MOM, and mama to the very handsome Charlie who is 10 months old. Megan was one of the lucky mamas to experience the first offering of our FIT4BABY program while pregnant with Charlie. She jumped right in and participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre and just completed her first Body Back Transformation session, too. This mama is committed and we ADMIRE her heart and soul.

Megan is a working mama but, that doesn’t stop her from participating in our village. She is a perfect example of balance, and aren’t we all doing our best at balance?! You’ll see Megan at MNO’s, having fun with burpee challenges, and getting her workouts in during Body Back and Saturday classes.

Let's meet our September MOM, Megan!

Hometown? Santa Clara, CA (P.S. Kim and I went to the same high school…just didn’t know it until we met through Fit4Mom).

Tell us about who is in your family! I’ve got a fabulous hubby, Dave, who’s a geologist for the Forest Service, and our little man who’s full of joy and lots of laughs, Charlie, is 10 months old.

Current/previous career? Besides mama to Charlie, I am the Marketing Manager for Quincy Engineering, which is a civil engineering firm in Rancho Cordova. We build bridges, roads, waterlines and all sorts of cool stuff that I get to market to cities and counties throughout California. Before that, I worked for Sutter Health in Strategic Marketing and Dignity Health as a Physician Recruiter/Business Development Exec/Clinic Operations Manager while I was working on my MBA. I’ve worn lots of different hats over the years!

What was your childhood ambition? At 5, I wanted to be a frog catcher, but it wasn’t a very fulfilling or stable career, so I switched to wanting to be a doctor. I went to UC Davis originally to study neurobiology and was on the pre-med track but after my 2nd year, I switched majors when I realized I was miserable and becoming a doctor wasn’t where my heart was. I found my passion for marketing, as I was always writing/doing creative things as a kid and it just clicked.

What does motherhood mean to you? You always hear how once you become a mother, you will understand what true love means. I never realized just how true that is until I had Charlie. He has captured my heart, and I thank God every day that he’s made our little family complete. Motherhood isn’t easy. I did a lot of soul-searching and doubting of my abilities as a mama during those first few months. I wasn’t sure I was cut out for it, but looking back on things, I know being a mama is what I was meant to do. I love it – experiencing the world through my son’s eyes, watching him grow and achieve new milestones. The first time he laughed, smiled, sat up, stood up, teeth came in, gave me a big hug…these are all precious moments that I’m going to cherish because I realize that all too soon he’ll be grown (OMG starting to get tears) and he won’t want to snuggle or give me sloppy kisses. So motherhood means everything – it means I have been given an amazing opportunity to guide this little person through his life and watch him grow and become an independent, kind and good human being.

Where is the furthest you have been away from home? I went to Europe in high school and cannot wait to go back again someday soon!

How did you find FIT4MOM? I did a Google search to find pre-natal fitness classes in Folsom as I had just stopped teaching barre classes, was 4 months preggo and wanted to stay fit throughout my pregnancy. FIT4MOM popped up and I reached out to Cherise inquiring about classes. At that time, FIT4MOM had just launched the month before. I came to Stroller Strides at 22 weeks pregnant, without a stroller, and was hooked!

How has FIT4MOM impacted your life? FIT4MOM has impacted my life in so many ways. When I started, I knew I wanted to be as healthy and fit as possible throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. I worked out doing Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby up until 3 days before I went into labor and came back after 5 weeks because I missed it so much (and my OB/GYN gave me the all-clear). I’m now doing Body Back and LOVE IT!! It’s my chance to have a little “me time” while getting a seriously kick-booty workout. I love Strides because it allows me to bring Charlie to class and show him the importance of exercise and being healthy. It’s a lifestyle. But FIT4MOM isn’t just about fitness. It’s about community. It’s given me a village of mamas who have been there before and are my biggest cheerleaders. It’s given me new friends, women who champion other women, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Favorite exercise? Plank jacks, speed skaters, and V-sits with a medicine ball.

Proudest moment? Becoming a mama.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us! I used to do open-mic nights with my old boss – he was on guitar while I sang. Took a lot of convincing but I faced my fears and sang in public several times!